Meet The Crew


Chris Finch

Managing Director

Chris is the first point of call for truck sales and is responsible for the acquisition of new stock as well as overseeing the overall direction of the organisation. Additionally with years of transport engineering experience Chris is the Custodian of Transport knowledge within the organisation.

Damien Finch

General Manager

Damien is responsible for Sales Contracts and Delivery and acts as your Point of Contact during your build. Additionally Damien handles engineering compliance, product development, administration and finances.

Graeme Fenton

Production Manager

Graeme is directly responsible for the organisations production activities. Within his roll he manages quality control, staff training, safety and project manages every build.

The Production Team

Aaron Stewart| Leading Hand (Engineering)

Colin Scott | Painter

Ty Read | Vehicle Modification Specialist (Mechanical)

Cameron Falk | Fit-out Specialist (Mechanical)

 Jon Van vugt | Vehicle Modification Specialist (Engineering)

Matthew Head | Apprentice (Engineering)