NEWS: First Tilt Tray under new Standard

As transport manufacturing specialists we believe it is important to constantly increase our knowledge base and develop our capabilities in ways that will better serve our loyal customer base. As such we are committed to developing new products that incorporate the same key characteristics that define the rest of our range.

The launch of the new Australian Standard for Tilt Trays (AS 5400-2015 Tow trucks – Tilt slide and underlift vehicles) presented us with an opportunity to launch our range of Heavy Duty Tilt Slides.

Defining Characteristics

  1. Optimized Capabilities: The ‘Any Type Tilt Tray’ has been designed with a combination of old school principles and modern practices. Leveraging our facilities we designed a product that has optimized strength capabilities whilst still offering the maximum payload your chassis can safely handle. What this means for you is you tray can handle more load safely on the road.
  2. Increased Longevity: As well as stronger and increased payload the Any Type Tilt tray has also been designed with many features that will extend the life of your investment.
  3. Professional Unique Appearance: All of our product designs are unique and as our long term customer will attest the professional appearance definitely supports the image of your own business.