Tilt Tray

Tilt Tray

HD Tilt Tray

The Heavy Tilt Tray has been designed for heavy industrial use.  The unique appearance of the design stands out just as much as its high end operating capabilities.

Defining Characteristics include:
  1. Designed for longevity | The Tilt Tray is not only designed with long lasting structural integrity but there inbuilt countermeasures which ensure operators operate the tray in a manner that will prolong the life of your investment.
  2. Maximized Capacity | The Tilt Trays are designed and positioned in a manner that enables maximum clear tray whilst aiming for optimized load distribution across the axles. 
  3. Lasting Professional Image | The unique style and profile of the Any Type Tilt tray is as aesthetically pleasing as it is strong. This ensures that you are able to maintain a professional image over the life of your investment.  
  4. Australian Standard Compliant | The tilt tray range is built to AS 5400-2015 Tow trucks.


Structural Features

STD HD Tilt Tray (including mounting points)

-Our tilt trays have three main structural assemblies

-Sub Frame Mounting: The Sub Frame is always mounted and certified in accordance with ADR standards. (the specific mounting procedure will be slightly varied for each vehicle as we need to take into account numerous factors such as body position, weight distribution and size limitations all the while complying with site ,local ,state and federal government legislation.)

-Tilt Component: Comprises of RHS with High density nylon fixed to wear surfaces to allow the tray to slide along it. Fitted to the sub frame with two rear hinge points and at the front is attached to two under body rams to tilt the tray.

-Tray Component: The main members are C channel which slide over the tilt component and attach to a Ram that will slide the tray out to extension.

Tray Module and components:

  •  6mm Hardox floor
  • 10mm sides with the Anysteel profile
  • Full length 32mmNB Rope rail
  • Four LED tail and Twelve LED clearance lights
  • Anysteel Mudflaps
  • Electric controls with fitted micro switches (wireless remote optional)
  • hydraulic operating systems
  • Two tilt rams
  • One Slide Ram
  • 30000LBS Hydraulic Winch (incl hook and cable)
  • Anysteel custom designed Head board with two tool boxes
  • Slide out ladder


-Coating/Finnish: Body:2pk white Top Deck: Matt Black

(NB the selected finishes have been found to hold up and be the most effective under rugged conditions. Also note finish coat colour can be changed on request for cost)


See below for a list of extras

Operational Features

Optional Extras